Core Team

Stacey Shaffer

StaceyStacey Shaffer is your typical manly man. When asked what his favorite food is, his response will be “STEAK.” as one might expect, his favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. As a child, he loved Star Wars and now that he’s an adult he loves The Avengers. His favorite sport is wresting because the outcome is determined by one person. Second to wresting is football. Stacey got involved with youth ministry after Maggie went to the Knights of Columbus meeting asking for men who were interested in becoming part of the Core team. He also has hopes of making a difference in the faith of as many teens as possible as well as learning how to bring his son back to the church and keeping his daughter excited about her faith. He loves working with teens because of how blunt and to the point they can sometimes be.

JoLynn Paszkiewicz

JoLynnJoLynn is a proud wife and mother of four lovely daughters. She is an avid lover of cheese – melted, sliced, shredded, string, all varieties. She enjoys drinking plain coffee with cream. She enjoys reading and pronounces a few words differently than other people. She won’t tell what words they are, but if you pay attention, you might figure it out!

JoLynn is passionate about working with the youth group and is so happy to be doing so. In her own words, “Our high school students are amazing ~ I love everything about them. They take leadership roles, but they follow your directions, too. They come up with great ideas, but they participate in the ideas/plans laid out before them. They offer up their thoughts and insights, but they listen to your teaching and/or first-hand experience.”

Isaiah and Jennifer Stegman

Isaiah and JenniferIsaiah and Jennifer Stegman are our lovely married couple who have been married over a year now and are expecting their first little one in October!

They are a lovely couple with a great joy for youth ministry and their Catholic faith. Jennifer grew up in Des Moines and attended St. Mary’s her whole life.

They met each other one day in Washington DC and the rest is history! It’s a great story, you should ask them about it sometime!



Cathy Engblom

cathyCathy is married to Nels, they’ve been married for 25 years! They have 5 children: Nels, Charlie, Isabella, Luke, and Paul. Cathy loves to teach and hopes to inspire some teens this year in youth group!

Her faith has been so important as long as she can remember. In the difficult times, it has always been what she turns to and seeks guidance from.

She likes staying active in her spare time with running, cross training, rowing, and bike riding. She loves Italian, reading Nicholas Sparks, and her favorite saint is Catherine of Sienna.

Paul Henkels

Paul has been married to his lovely wife Teri for almost 29 years. They have a 32 year old son, Brandon who still lives in West Des Moines and a daughter Christ, who is 27 and has a 6 year old son! Paul loves being Catholic because it is the one true religion of Jesus Christ. It remains strong in its original beliefs and doesn’t sway to the beliefs of people today. Paul wants to get involved in youth group to lead teens to a better relationship with Christ & their faith after his daughter didn’t have a very good experience with it. Paul enjoys golf, yard work, working on the house, and travel. You might catch him listening to some classic rock while enjoying a prime rib!