The Holy Spirit: Gifts + Fruits = Joy

holy-spirit-1In his booklet on the Holy Spirit, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan tells us, “The gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit do not make our lives sad or austere. Far from it. They fill us with a peace, a joy, and a consolation we never felt before. What was before difficult to us becomes now easy and delightful, for the Holy Spirit, as we have said, is the spirit of joy, peace, and consolation. He enlightens; He strengthens us; He enables us to know God as we never knew him before. He gives us a foretaste of Heaven.”

Joy and consolation are in fact the chief characteristics of the Holy Spirit. Thus we read in the Acts of the Apostles, “The disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.” St. Paul says, “I superabound in joy in all my tribulations.” Joy is the result of holiness, and we find the saints the most joyful of mortals.

Holy Spirit, dwelling within me, make me a joy-filled saint!

Source: The Holy Ghost – Our Greatest Friend by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan