Church Choir

IMG_1590 (Small)Essential to good liturgy is good and appropriate music. Any contribution to the liturgy and the spirituality of each Mass is always welcomed and encouraged. New members are always welcome as well as individuals wishing to contribute to the ministry serving a cantors, soloists and instrumentalists. Each of our Masses offers different types of music.

The 5:00 PM  Mass is usually led by a Cantor with a lot of parishioner participation.

St Mary’s Choir has a long-standing tradition in the parish. The choir participates primarily from September 1 to June 1 and sings at the 9:00 AM Mass and all major feast days of the church year. The adult choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 PM in the mansion meeting room for approximately one hour and you need not be a professional  musician to participate. We are always looking for new and energetic members.

Choir Director: Kathy Dunn Kubovich          Phone: 515-491-7442

Choir Website:

At the 11:00 AM Mass throughout the year we have a guitar and instrumental group. They also encourage newcomers to this group who can contribute vocally or instrumentally.

Contact: Donna Britt          Phone: 276-2591