The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

holy-spirit-1Scripture tells us that God’s love comes to us through the Holy Spirit. He is truly the gift that keeps on giving for He bestows on us what are called the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”:

Wisdom helps us to think less of worldly things and more of God and our spiritual life.

Understanding helps us to grasp and realize heavenly truths.

Counsel enables us to choose what is pleasing to God and good for ourselves.

Fortitude gives us strength to do our duties well.

Knowledge helps us to see and avoid dangers to our soul and our spiritual welfare.

Piety helps us to love God more tenderly, with more confidence, and to do everything lovingly for Him.

Fear of God inspires us with reverence and respect for God and all things relating to Him and inspires us with a daughter/son’s fear of offending her/his father.

Holy Spirit, dwelling within me, help me cooperate with your graces so that your gifts will be strong in me!

Source: The Holy Ghost – Our Greatest Friend by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan 

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