Lectio Divina

Here is another great web resource I compiled into a small booklet (click here to download.) This is valuable for personal prayer and for praying with your family!

Lectio Divina – Pray the Scriptures!
Here’s a great way to reflect and pray over the scriptures, especially the upcoming Sunday gospel!Lectio (reading) Divina (Divine) -Follow these 4 steps to really enter into prayer. Let the Word of God speak to you! Make sure to spend a few minutes on each step. Give the Lord time and space to speak to you. Don’t rush through it! (Steps provided by Life Teen)

  • Lectio (Reading/Listening) – Have one of the youth read the passage you chose out loud. Give your group a few moments of silence to let the Scripture sink in.
  • Meditatio (Meditation) – Have a different member of the group read the same passage again. This time tell each youth to pick out a word or phrase that stands out to him/her. After a few moments of silence, ask each member of the group to share the word or phrase that stuck out and why.
  • Oratio (Prayer) – Have another member of the group read the passage again. After a few moments of silence,ask each member of the group to share any questions he/she may have for God in regard to this word or phrase and if the word or phrase brought up any prayer intentions.
  • Contemplatio (Contemplation) – For the final time, have a different middle school youth read the Scripture passage. Tell them that this is simply a time to be with God in an extended period of silence and offer up to God anything that this reading stirred up.
The author considers this article to be in the Public Domain. This article may therefore be downloaded, reproduced and distributed without special permission from the author. It was first published in the Spring, 1990 (vol.1, no.1) edition of Valyermo Benedictine. It has subsequently been reprinted as (1) “Appendix 2” in The Art and Vocation of Caring for People in Pain by Karl A. Schultz (Paulist Press, 1993), pp. 98-110; and in(2) An Invitation to Centering Prayer with and Introduction to Lectio Divina, by Basil Pennington and Luke Dysinger (Liguori/Triumph, 2001)