Intercessory Prayer

The mystery of “Jesus, Our Mediator” – Where once there were human priests, now Jesus, the Son of God, intercedes for us.  Now seated at his Father’s right hand, he brings us, with all our sins and needs, before God.  Just as an effective advocate mediates for his client, Jesus stands besides us and pleads our case.  Because he is always with us, we should never be afraid to bring our needs to God. His presence tells us that we can approach the throne of God with confidence and pour out our hearts. And if we do, we’ll “receive mercy…find grace for timely help.” Hebrews 4:16

The mystery of “As Little Children” – You may have heard the old saying “Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on you.” Isn’t that the way little children think and act? As parents, we know that if they rely on themselves too much, they may hit a dead end or miss out on some good solutions. That’s why we try to help them. At the same time, we know that if our children become too dependent on us, they won’t learn to grow up.  

The mystery of “With Trust” – We may never understand why our prayers of intercession sometimes seem to go unanswered. That’s part of the reason why Scripture speaks about the “mystery” concerning God’s eternal plan for salvation. His plan is so vast that it’s impossible for us to fully grasp its height, length and depth. We sometimes simply have to trust God as a child trusts its father.  We just have to believe that God is working out all things for our good. 

The mystery of “In Faith” – We don’t need heroic faith if we want to see our prayers answered. But we do need faith, and we do need to bring that faith with us when we pray. It’s vital, in fact, that we use all the faith we have – no matter how much that is. When we seek the Lord with everything we have, according to the full level of our faith, God will meet us there and hear our prayers. How cool is that!

So get started today!  Intercessory prayer isn’t meant for just the toughest problems we face.  We should pray for the needs of the world every day.  So why not begin today and put together a list of intercessory prayers and persist in praying for these needs every day. There is no petition that is too small or unworthy.