GALZ Night: “Look for the Graces”

All women are invited! We will have guest speaker Ellen Kyhl with us to share reflections on grace. Ellen is a re-emergent professional architect looking to make the most of the years ahead by doing meaningful work to “make better places” in her heart, her home, her family, her community, and possibly in her profession. She invests her time: Reading, Running, Baking, Cake Designing, Landscaping, and Treasure Hunting in her Faith. Along with her husband Chris, she has raised four sons ages 14-21, affectionately referred to as Team Kyhl. They have been nurtured through the years at St. Pius X Catholic Church and School along with Dowling Catholic High School, Johnston Community Schools, and the University of Notre Dame.

Our GALZ Night will be a preview of Ellen’s keynote at “Summer at the Well”, an upcoming encounter for women.  We will hear about the inspiration behind the The Well movement and summer gathering, but you can also learn more at their website:  

Please RSVP no later than Monday May 22 to Tessa Roberts, Adult Faith Formation Director: or 515-577-1764.