Ways to Improve Your Reception of Holy Communion


A good and loving courtship will increase the chance of a tender, permanent marriage. Each week in August you’ll find suggestions on how the same can be applied to a passionate and worthy reception of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

  • It’s easy to let our faith decline, get weak, or even disappear. Let us pray: “Lord I do believe but strengthen my faith!” Faith is like a seed planted in the ground. May our faith grow, blossom and flourish until we reach heaven!
  • In relationships, one of the greatest recurring dangers is to start to take the other person for granted. This can be lethal to any marriage. The same thing can occur to our relationship with the Eucharistic Lord: we can become used to Mass and Holy Communion and start to take the Lord for granted. In the Diary of Mercy in my soul, by Saint Faustina, Jesus complains there are souls that receive Him with no love, but as if He were a simple object. Jesus says He would prefer not to be received than to be received out of mere routine! We should receive every Holy Communion as if it were our first, last and only opportunity.
  • CLEAN THE HOUSE. Make a good sacramental Confession. The saints and the church teach us that the cleaner and more pure the soul the more abundant the graces in receiving Holy Communion. A dirtied or soiled soul will block the full and powerful presence of the Eucharistic Lord in His entirety from inundating the soul!
  • COME EARLY. It’s doubtful that we’d show up late for the last game in the World Series, a graduation ceremony, or special dinner reservation. Should we not then be early to welcome the Lord of Lords into our hearts? Coming late for Mass disturbs the priest, others, and dampens one’s over-all participation in the Mass. Let us avoid cutting corners and selling God cheap!
  • Moses was commanded to take off his sandals before the burning bush that was only a symbol of the Eucharistic Presence. How much more reverence we should show in front of the Real Presence and the Eucharistic Lord. If a King merits the greatest reverence and respect, what about the King of the universe the Eucharistic Lord?
  • INTENTIONS!  Try these suggestions to help you live the Mass more fully: 1) Offer Mass for a deceased person that might be detained in Purgatory. 2) Conversion of sinners. Offer your Holy Communion so that they will return to the church. 3) Personal conversion.  Offer up your struggle with the seductions of the world.
  • PARTICIPATE.  We are called to participate fully, actively, and consciously. We are called to listen attentively to the Word of God, respond to the Word, and to sing with all our hearts in praise and worship of the Lord.
  • MARY’S HEART AND YOURS.   While approaching Holy Communion we should humbly beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to lend us her Immaculate Heart so that we can receive Jesus with the utmost purity, humility and burning love.
  • THANKSGIVING!   After Holy Communion we should spend some time in rendering thanks to Jesus for this greatest of all gifts—His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in Holy Communion. There is no greater gift! Indeed God rejoices in a grateful heart. Let us cultivate an attitude of gratitude!
  • EUCHARISTIC APOSTLE. Given that you have encountered the greatest treasure in your life, you should be motivated to the fullest extent possible to bring others to Jesus!  Invite others to Church, to confession, to Mass and Holy Communion. Become a missionary! The harvest is rich but the laborers are few. You right now are called to work in the vineyard with the Lord; you are called to go fishing with the Lord and to save souls.

Source: Catholic Exchange