Weekly Petitions


For the Church: that we may be aware of the gifts of faith, time and opportunity that God has entrusted to us, may we be good stewards of these gifts and use them for the glory of God, we pray to the Lord.

For a spirit of creativity: that God will inspire us with new visions of how to use our gifts and meet the greatest needs of the world around us, we pray to the Lord.

For parents: that they may encourage their children to develop their gifts and find ways to use them for the good of others, we pray to the Lord.

For all who are suffering, for immigrants, those recovering from natural disasters, and those who are grieving: that God will bring light and strength to their spirits, we pray to the Lord.

For victims of violence, that God will heal their pain, comfort them and fill them with hope, we pray to the Lord.

For healing within local communities: that God heal the wounds caused by all forms of prejudice and discrimination so that we may all work together to confront poverty, disease and injustice, we pray to the Lord.

For the growth of peace: that God will open new opportunities throughout the world through the collaboration of all people of good will to end violence and promote justice and peace, we pray to the Lord.

For our young people preparing for Confirmation:  that they may come to recognize the many ways God has gifted them, we pray to the Lord.

For all who have died, particularly those killed by violence and all who have served our faith communities: that God will welcome them into the eternal banquet, we pray to the Lord.



For the intentions in our parish book of prayer and for the intentions of our hearts, we pray to the Lord.