Weekly Petitions

7/8/18 Petitions

For the Church around the world, that we may be a sign of the goodness of God in our weaknesses and humility, we pray to the Lord.

For leaders in this country and around the globe, that they may acknowledge their own inadequacies and look to God for strength and wisdom, we pray to the Lord.

For prophets among us, who witness to the grace of God and speak in the Lord’s name, that they may be faithful to their calling and know the value of their work, we pray to the Lord.

That by participating in the Eucharist today we may grow in faith and holiness and may be strengthened to live out our faith in our communities, we pray to the Lord.

For greater trust: that God will strengthen us when we feel inadequate because of weaknesses or inexperience and free us to become passionate disciples, we pray to the Lord.

For a new beginning: that God will free us from our mistakes and failures, and help us to start again through God’s love and power working within us, we pray to the Lord.

For transformation of our hearts: that we may recognize our greatest weakness, surrender it to God, and allow God to work within us for his glory, we pray to the Lord.

For family members and loved ones who have turned away from God: that our witness of faithful love and compassionate service may open them to the God who loves them, we pray to the Lord.

For our beloved dead, may they know the joy of the resurrection, we pray to the Lord.

For the intentions in our parish book of prayer and for the intentions of our hearts, we pray to the Lord.