Bible Studies

These casual groups and classes are a great way to meet others, form friendships and grow in faith together. Scroll down to see details for all bible studies in the categories below.


*** General Faith Topics ***

Discovery: Coffeehouse Bible Study

4TH MONDAYS (Sept – May) | 7-8 pm @ Java Joes on Douglas

A casual study to rediscover the heart of the Gospel message. No cost or homework! RSVP to Tessa Roberts (577-1764, or drop by Java Joes & look for the St. Mary’s sign.

Discovery: Market Grille Bible Study

2ND & 4TH TUESDAYS (Sept-Nov) | 7-8 pm @ Hy-Vee in Johnston

A casual study to rediscover the heart of the Gospel message. No cost or homework! RSVP to Stacey Shaffer (240-1882, or drop by the Market Grille & look for the St. Mary’s sign.

Traditional Tuesday Morning Bible Study

EVERY TUESDAY, beginning Sept 12th | 9-10:30 am in a parish hall classroom

We will be continuing our study in the Book of Genesis. Just bring a bible. Other materials provided. For more information, contact Dick & Jean Hager at 278-0741.

Deepening Discipleship Bible & Book Study

2ND MONDAYS (Sept-June) | 7-8:30 pm at the parish

Awakening to a deeper relationship with Jesus launches us on an adventure that can only be sustained by the Holy Spirit! This casual bible study looks at the Holy Spirit as the source of Christian Life. We’ll wrap up by discussing the book “Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart” by Fr. Jacques Phillipe for our last four sessions. Book cost is $8. RSVP by Sept 13th to Tessa Roberts: 577-1764 or

Verse Mapping Monthly Workshop

1ST SATURDAYS (Oct-May) | 10:30am-11:30 am at the parish

Drop in to learn and practice a creative way of visually breaking down the literal & personal meaning of a scripture verse with diagrams and/or doodles to make God’s Word more applicable to your own life. Resources/materials provided. To RSVP or join an email list for monthly updates, contact Tessa Roberts: 577-1764 or


*** Women’s Groups *** 

Women’s Morning Bible Study

EVERY WEDNESDAY, beginning September 6th | 9:30-11:15 am in parish hall (classrooms 7 & 8)

Join a welcoming group of women for a casual study in Mark’s Gospel, featuring discussion of issues pertinent to women. No cost, study guides or homework! Drop in when you can! RSVP to Deb Richards: 276-7347,

Women’s Evening Bible Study

3RD MONDAYS (Sept – May) | 7-8pm @ the Paszckiewicz home in Johnston

Form new friendships in the parish & be inspired as we meet seventeen biblical women who chose to raise their eyes heavenward toward God by living lives of hope, boldness, generosity, and great faith. Bring a bible & drop in when you can! RSVP to Cathy Jordan (669-7431, or JoLynn Paszkiewicz (664-6890,


*** Family Focused ***

Young Couples Bible Study

2ND FRIDAYS (Sept-May) in homes

Social & dinner with families at 6:15pm, followed by a couple’s study from 6:45-7:30 pm with childcare provided in another room for toddlers through elementary age. Be inspired to nourish your marriage! We’ll discuss the book “Intimate Graces”, which looks at biblical examples of love & mercy, and real life marriage applications. Optional book costs $12, or just join in the discussion. RSVP by Sept 1 to Tessa Roberts: 577-1764 or